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Ivorine synthetic non-animal sourced resin with a grain-like structure that successfully mimics the look of genuine ivory; can be applied to a recorder either during manufacture or retrospectively; has no effect on the performance and adds virtually no extra weight
Plastic very good finish; very good stability (except in heat); waterproof
Wood - Boxwood Maracaibo- and Indian-boxwood are dense and hard and their sound is full and resonant
Wood - Bubinga a very dense, heavy African hardwood; is found on the world's finest percussion instruments; yields very straight, even grain and rich, rusty red color;
also known as African Rosewood, Essingang, Buvenga
Wood - Cherry a classic American hardwood similar in density to maple; highly prized for its deep, lustrous color that grows to a darker orange over time; delivers a clear, warm tone.
Wood - Ebony / Grenadill African and Indian ebony and African grenadill are very black, heavy, dense;
hard woods have an elegant and light response
Wood - Koa a very highly prized tonewood that only grows in Hawaii; unique beauty is matched only by its unique sound, which can be summed up in one word - sustain; provides a tone that is long lingering, yet less crisp than denser woods
Wood - Lacewood a very unusual wood that takes its name from the small pearlescent paisley shaped flecks which are riddled throughout this orange tropical wood; its open pore structure and light weight make for a sound that is uniquely warm and crisp
Wood - Maple finely pored and elastic;
relatively strong fundamental-tone character;
varieties include Eastern, Flame, Eastern Grey, and Western maple
Wood - Olive decorative;
comes from the Mediterranean countries and has a very open sound
Wood - Palisander Honduras palisander is hard and heavy and rich in overtones
Wood - Pearwood very constant density;
relatively strong fundamental-tone character
Wood - Plum light, dense, and relatively hard;
relatively strong fundamental-tone character
Wood - Rosewood Bahia-rosewood is somewhat lighter in weight with a wonderful reddish grain and with a special quality of sound
Wood - Walnut may be eastern or western walnut; chocolate brown with possible subtle colorful hues; rich leathery texture;
excellent tonewood; medium density domestic.
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